Neem Chew Sticks for Dogs


Neem chew sticks are a great way to introduce your favorite pups to the benefits of neem! Neem chew sticks help clean their teeth and boost their immune systems.

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Not all dogs love neem chew sticks the way Matilda (shown above) does, but they’re a great way to introduce neem to your dogs. All-natural neem chew sticks help clean teeth and build a healthy immune system. Matilda literally follows us out to the greenhouse so she gets first pick on neem chew sticks before the rest of the dogs arrive. For customers, they’re picked the morning they’re shipped so they arrive as fresh as possible – with no chew marks from the pups here. Please let us know what size dog you’re ordering for (place a note in the comment section) so we don’t send Rottweiler-sized neem sticks to your Yorkie! Neem chew sticks also are available as a free sample so your pup can taste-test them before you buy an entire package.


Your order will be placed on greenhouse hold because we can’t ship tropical plants “to or through” freezing temperatures. If you’re in the southern part of the country, we watch to make sure temperatures in Memphis stay above about 30; in the northern parts of the country, we watch Chicago because it is a major postal hub. Our top priority is making sure that your plants arrive healthy! If you order be aware that we will be shipping first-come, first-served this spring when it finally gets warm enough to ship again.


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