Neem Seedlings – 2 Pack

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These neem seedlings are so big they’re almost trees, minus the rootballs. They’ll grow incredibly quickly once they’re in larger pots.

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Please be sure to read our Plant Replacement Policy before purchasing live plants.

Neem seedlings are our best value — and you’ll be amazed at how fast they grow!

They’ve survived the difficulties of sprouting and now have been transplanted into their own pots so they’re ready to grow. Most of our neem seedlings are root-bound so they’ll appreciate being transplanted into one- or three-gallon pot as soon as you get them. They’re not quite ready to put in the ground, even in tropical climates, but you’ll be amazed at how quickly a neem seedling grows once it’s out of a small pot.

GROWING TIPS: Soil should always be a premium potting mix — not topsoil — without any “water managing” properties. Fertilizer should be balanced with the three numbers in big print somewhat equal. For instance, chemical fertilizers are usually available in a 20-20-20 formula. You may need to mix and match with organics, balancing fish emulsion with bone meal and kelp.’

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OVERSEAS CUSTOMERS: Please contact us before placing an order. Some customers, including those in Canada, Mexico, and the EU must pay for a $60.00 phytosanitary inspection before trees or living plants can be shipped. We’re trying to compile a list of growers in other countries, please Contact Us, if you grow neem you would like to sell.

Please contact us immediately if your plant arrives damaged in shipment. If your plant becomes sickly or fails to thrive, please let us know immediately. We’ll need photos and growing conditions to help you save your plant.

We replace living plants at our discretion within the first three months, once we are sure that you have properly cared for the plant following our directions. We do require that you pay shipping costs on the plant unless it arrives damaged and we can file a claim with the USPS for replacement.

General neem tree growing directions:

For neem in central Florida:

For neem in California and Arizona:

Plant shipping policy is located here:

20 reviews for Neem Seedlings – 2 Pack

  1. Theodore


    I wanted to let you know that I received the shipment today and want to provide positive feedback on the packaging. (I also left a voicemail for the shipping supervisor/manager.) I have received MANY mail order plants and this packaging far surpassed any prior shipment that I have received from other companies. Not a leaf was damaged, not a spec of dirt found a way out of the bag and if I didn’t know better, I would have bet money that these trees didn’t come through the mail. Most of the time, the folks in “the trenches” don’t get recognized unless things go bad, so I hope that you pass this along to the appropriate people and express my appreciation for an EXCEPTIONAL, PROFESSIONAL JOB! Thank you.


    Ted Luther from Rhode Island

  2. Andrea

    Came very healthy. Roots in great shape.

  3. chit.sachdeva

    The best packaging and the plants are doing well in California. Good job ????

  4. nlimbachia

    I received my neem seedlings about 2 weeks back and they came in perfect condition. I was a little worried ordering them at the end of October in Chicago weather but I couldn’t be happier with the packaging. Seedlings looks very healthy with nice roots. Planted them immediately in gallon pots with Potting Soil. They are indoors near south window so it gets sunlight for 5-6 hours during sunny days. Hopefully they will survive Chicago winter. Thank you Neem Tree Farms!

    -Nishant, Chicago

  5. sailajalakshmanan


    Ordered 2 pack of neem seedlings, one of them is so thin and doesn’t look like it is going to survive.
    Also, back in November ordered 4 pack (four of us shared) and one of them died. I did replanted following the instructions for me and my sister. Her plant survived and mine died. Since mine died, ordered another 2 pack and now one of them is trying very hard to survive.. Usually quality of the plants from your place is very good. Not sure what happened this time.
    – SL, Atlanta

    • Vicki

      Anytime you have a sick tree, or one that just doesn’t look happy, please give me a call. Over the last 20 years, I’ve gotten really good at diagnosing problems from thousands of miles away. We also offer a plant replacement policy for the first year. We do ask that you pay for the second round of shipping and require that you talk to me so we can figure out what could have happened because 99% of our plants are growing happily! My cell is 813-689-2616. I’m not available 24-7 but I do return calls quickly.


  6. tkaltstatt

    plants came in perfect condition and were bigger than expected. Very healthy and are doing well at this time. I have even noticed buds on one of the plants. I can’t wait till they get bigger.

  7. avijit.nayek

    I got 2 seedlinks from here. One of them is doing OK, however one not. I have followed all the instructions. Not sure what went wrong.

    • Vicki

      Can you give me a call and/or email a photo to It is strange that one is doing well and the other isn’t. My cell is 813-689-2616 and I’ll be in the greenhouse this morning.

  8. eidie_kelly

    The way the seedlings were packaged and shipped was amazingly brilliant. They looked very healthy and in great shape. One did not make it but I do feel it was my fault and plan to order another to replace it.

  9. Vikram Gurumurthy

    Vicki and team were super easy to work with. Ordered myself these seedlings when they were on a sale and we got a well packaged shipment. All plants are thriving well. Vicki and team were also very helpful in answering my questions as a beginner growing neem. Thanks guys. Your service to Neem and the community is very much appreciated

  10. Saurabh

    This is second time I ordered Neem seedlings. I got three plants. Those were very well packaged and healthy plants. Very satisfied with the plants. They look very cute too.

  11. guerraberta

    I ordered Neem seedlings. I was so happy to see how green and beautiful they were. I have ordered plants before, and they were no way cared for and packaged as well as you all have done. Wonderful surprise. I will continue to order more plants.

  12. Sreenivas Pondicherry

    The plants were given very good care on the soil, planter and the protection in travel for cold weather locations. Beautiful and healthy plants were delivered. We are curious on what not to do in Chicago weather conditions. Any advice is much appreciated.

    • Vicki

      Hi Sreenivas,

      You should have received growing instructions with your plants, or they’re online at

      If you still have questions, you can give me a call at 813-689-2616.


  13. vimal

    I ordered 2 pack Neem seedlings, and the plants were delivered well packaged, quickly and in healthy condition. I have moved them to new containers and they are adapting well to California weather so far.

  14. Robin Waire

    I just received my 2 Neem Seedlings and they are beautiful. I’m having problems buying the correct soil for them, most of the brands I see have moisture retaining material in it, what to do?

    • Vicki

      Hi Robin,
      Miracle Grow makes a potting soil without water-managing polymers — it’s even less expensive than the other ones :)

  15. naveenas

    Very beautiful and healthy plants! Thank you and best wishes!

  16. londonismyname

    These were delivered in excellent shape. Very healthy. I live on the other side of the country and have only wonderful things to say. Keep up the good work. I will be ordering more plants in the future.

  17. Andrew Solomon

    So far so good! The plants arrived well, packed well for travel. They are in 1 gallon pots in the screened porch. They get the AM sun. Once they get big they will be transferred to larger pots. Planning to move them to the sun room for the winter. Hoping they grow well! Thanks

  18. rownak211

    Received my second order of these beautiful plants which was a gift for a friend. Arrived healthy and very well packed as before. I’m Happy with the purchase and my friend too. Definitely recommend Neem tree farms! Vicki was a great help with all the valuable info.

  19. Edwin Velez

    Very healthy.

  20. Russell Chang

    ordered two trees. Got them. Package was a little damaged, squished, retaped (could have been the USPS) but trees survived and don’t look damaged. Planted them… so far so good.

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