Peanut Butter Fruit Tree


Peanut butter fruit really does taste like peanut butter!



A small tree or large shrub, the peanut butter fruit tree would be an attractive addition to any garden — even before you taste the amazing fruit.

Bright-red when ripe, the fruit really does taste and smell¬† just like a dollop of peanut butter, much to the amazement of picky children who don’t like fruits or vegetables.

Fast-growing in rich soil, it has glossy green leaves and small yellow flowers in the spring and thrives in full or partial sun. Although the literature says its very cold-sensitive, it came through three freezes here with no damage at all.

Be sure to harvest the fruit before it’s totally ripe though, or you’ll have to share it with birds and squirrels!

This plant is about a foot tall and is growing in a citrus pot with another foot of root so you’ll get a plant that’s ready to take off when it’s transplanted.



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