Rangoon Creeper


If possible, the scent of these flowers is even more amazing than the colors that start white, turn pink and then dark red.



Rangoon creeper is a tropical vine believed to have originated in India although it has been grown as an ornamental plant and naturalized in many parts of Asia. According to Wikipedia, it’s known as Quiscual (in Spanish), Niyog-niyogan (in Filipino), Madhu Malti or Madhumalti (in Hindi), ମଧୁ ମାଳତି Madhumalati (in Odia), Madhabilata (মাধবীলতা in Bengali; named by Rabindranath Tagore), Malati ( মালতী in Assamese), Madhumaloti (মধুমালোতি in Meitei), Akar Dani (in Malay) , Rangoon Malli (இரங்கூன் மல்லி in Tamil ) and Radha Manoharam (in Telugu).

In Florida and other frost-free locations, Rangoon creeper can reach 10 or 15 feet tall, although it’s easy to contain with a hard pruning. In more northern climates, it will need to be planted in a pot that spends summers outdoors and winters in a sunny window.

Rangoon creeper is an easy-to-grow plant that doesn’t have specific requirements for sun or water, although it blooms more prolifically in full sun with regular fertilization.

These plants are about two feet tall and grown in citrus pots so they arrive with a foot-long root.


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