Soap vs. Sanitizers?

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With the ongoing shortage of hand sanitizer, we wanted to remind you that soap is still readily available — and a better choice in most cases.

Obviously you can’t use soap on a grocery cart, but if you’re near running water, soap is significantly better, according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control).

In an easy-to-read article probably written before hand-washing became so important, they recommend: If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.

And looking more specifically at what’s happening now, The Guardian (a British newspaper founded in 1821) reports on the science of soap. It’s an interesting read about how viruses spread and why hand-washing is so important. It concludes: So, soap is the best, but do please use alcohol-based sanitiser when soap is not handy or practical.

Our friends at Stream2Sea have created a new line of hand sanitizers that contain natural ingredients like eucalyptus, camphor and Vitamin E — and none of the nasties like carbomer and triclosan found in most sanitizers. Production is still ramping up but you can order online now at

To celebrate soap — and the fact that we have plenty of our top-selling neem and aloe soap with hydrosols in stock — we created a buy three, get one free special. That’s buy three bars of soap and we’ll send a bottle of our Extra-Rich Neem Oil Lotion to help moisturize hands that are being cleaned dozens of times per day.

Other specials online now:

The Neem Leaf & Bark Supercritical Combo are BOGO as long as supplies last.

We’ll leave the brand-new shampoo and conditioner (or a package deal with both) on their BOGO introductory offer. We’re hearing great things from the first people to use them. They’re super-concentrated so a tiny amount gives you a ton of lather without nasty stuff like sodium laurel sulfates and they smell wonderful!

Finally, for people who are working on Victory Gardens, we’ll leave the special on NimBioSys full-spectrum neem oil and a free bar of soap. Over the years, we’ve used neem in many different ways, but mixing the neem oil with neem soap has been hands-down the most effective alternative for both pests and fungus. It’s also significantly less expensive because you can use a tablespoon of neem oil per gallon rather than an ounce, so a bottle goes three times as far.

Be careful and stay safe!

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