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It’s been a strange spring for all of us. We’re not surprised that we ran out of Six-Way Neem Capsules with the news from China, but we didn’t expect to fly through a three months’ supply of living neem trees too.

The capsules were ordered in early January so we’re expecting them any moment now. In the meantime, we have a good supply of the Swanson neem leaf capsules in stock. And we still have plenty of raw materials, including the Neem Leaf & Bark Supercritical Combo that we’ve put on BOGO to make up for the lack of capsules. 

We’ve trimmed back more of our big trees (they get leggy in the winter) and we should have lots more ready to ship over the next couple of weeks as it continues to warm up. 

On the positive side, we typically buy a year’s worth of neem oil soap at a time. Our last order came in late last summer, so we have plenty of that. Plus we have enough Extra-Rich Neem Lotion to get us through this immediate crisis. (A good lotion is important for people who are using hand sanitizers which are extremely drying. Dry skin allows pathogens to enter more easily.)

And don’t forget our brand-new shampoo and conditioner (or a package deal with both) are on BOGO. These totally amazing products are super-concentrated so you need just a tiny amount. The shampoo cleans gently but thoroughly — important for people who work in greenhouses — and the conditioner adds shine and body without extra weight. Try them and let us know what you think!

Affiliate Program Back Online

Our last affiliate program was hacked and we ended up paying thousands of dollars to someone in Hong Kong. This latest, greatest iteration is much more secure but it requires that we talk to you to set it up. Give Vicki a call at 813-689-2616 if you’re interested. (We’re working on a soft opening now and we’ll figure out how to scale it once we know all our ducks are lining up.)

Stay safe and try to look at this major interruption in your life as an opportunity to reconnect with family and friends, whether you’re living with them or staying in touch virtually.

It’s easy to panic in times like this, but focusing on the posi

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