Top Three Reasons for Using Neem Oil on Your Vegetable Garden

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1. It works!

Tests conducted by researchers around the world show that neem oil controls more than 200 insect pests. (Check out Neem: A Tree for Solving Global Problems, published by the National Academy Press or the National Institutes of Health at for more information.)

2. NimBioSys neem oil is EPA-registered to control what most of us recognize as the worst pests on our plants:

· Aphids
· Beetles
· Stink Bugs
· Caterpillars
· Leafhoppers
· Leafminers
· Mealy Bugs
· Midges
· Mites (especially spider mites, particularly if you catch them early and use neem as a soil drench)
· Nematodes (also when used as a soil drench)
· Scale
· Thrips
· Weevils
· Whiteflies

3. Neem oil is less toxic than aspirin or salt.

In fact, it’s so non-toxic that we sell more neem oil in skincare products than we do as a pesticide. Our lotion has 10 times as much neem oil than our pesticide. That’s a really nice feeling when you’re spraying vegetables and the wind shifts. You get a face full of neem oil — not malathion!

Important Note:

Many people who tried neem oil purchased in a “big box” garden center haven’t been particularly impressed with the results. Tha’s because they bought clarified hydrophobic extract of neem oil — which is neem oil with the azadirachtin removed. Since azadirachtin is the most important compound for controlling insects, the hydrophobic extract is nowhere near as effective as a full-spectrum cold-pressed neem oil like NimBioSys. (Learn more at .)
And from a sustainable perspective, the “inert” ingredients in those big-box brands may also not be the best choices for our planet. At least one inert ingredient has been implicated in killing bees in California (
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