Using Neem Supercritical Extracts

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There’s an old saying that applies to most neem supplements:

“The solution to pollution is dilution.”

It not exactly true for most pollution, but it definitely works for the taste of supercritical neem. The more concentrated the neem, the stronger the taste. The trick is diluting it effectively.

First, start with no more than three drops of the supercritical extract. That’s a full dose of neem for the average person. If you feel like you need more, have another cup of coffee or tea — don’t make one cup that much stronger!

Our experience has been that it works best in a hot liquid. We drink coffee so we put three drops in a large cup. Because the extract is an oily substance, we mix it thoroughly so that the sheen on top is absorbed by the entire cup of coffee.

There’s still a slight taste of neem, but it’s comforting to know that we’re getting a full dose of bio-available compounds, particularly during flu season.

If you’re not a coffee drinker, a neem tea can be sweetened with whatever you like best: sugar, honey or stevia. We even know someone with arthritis who drinks her neem mixed with peppermint schnapps before she goes to bed — she says she sleeps better that way!

Another option is blending the supercritical neem with a sweet substance like applesauce or a fruity yogurt. Again, blend thoroughly so that you don’t get a concentrated dose in one bite, but the sweetness helps tone down the bitterness of the neem and some people prefer the cold taste to warm neem.

Let us know if you find anything that works better for you!

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