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Although relatively unknown in the US, neem is a cornerstone of the ancient Ayurvedic healthcare system and is one of the most widely used medicinal herbs in the world. Americans, however, are more likely to recognize neem as an EPA-registered pesticide that’s non-toxic and has no adverse effect on beneficial insects including bees.

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Neem as an Immune-System Booster

While neem is known around the world as “The Village Pharmacy,” its most important benefit may its immune-boosting properties. Researchers don’t know how it works, they do know it carries a one-two punch, boosting both the lymphocytic and cell-mediated immune systems. THIS REPORT IS PROVIDED FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. WHENEVER POSSIBLE, WE HAVE INCLUDED LINKS […]

Neem in the News: Glutathione, the “master antioxidant”

We spend a lot of time talking about antioxidants because they’re so important. They neutralize free radicals, which are implicated in diseases ranging from heart disease, cancer and arthritis to immune deficiencies, emphysema and even Alzheimer’s. Perhaps even more importantly, according to some of the research that we’re reading, it boosts levels of glutathione, also […]

Neem in the News:

Report on its Antibiotic and Antioxidant Properties Since so many of our customers use neem specifically for skin issues, we’re always delighted when we see research that focuses on skincare rather than more serious issues. The latest report is kind of combination – it looks at neem as an antibacterial and an antioxidant in cosmetic […]

What’s the difference between leaf and bark supercritical extracts?

While neem leaf and bark have many overlapping uses, the bark may offer significant advantages depending upon your personal circumstances.

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Nov. 7, Free Plant List

It’s been a long summer but we’re back with what may be our best Open Greenhouse ever! It’s 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Nov. 7 at Neem Tree Farms, 602 Ronele Drive, Brandon, 33511. The timing is pretty strict because we have a pack of senior pups locked in the house and they can […]

Neem in the News: Covid-19 Updates

First the bad news: There is still no clear indication that neem prevents or minimizes the symptoms of Covid-19. (Of course, there is no proof that meets FDA standards for any specific preventative or treatment because the virus is so new.) Then the good news: There are two new reports – this time peer-reviewed – […]

October specials now online

There is no doubt that Autumn Blum is the world’s best formulator of neem products. She started TheraNeem from her home and built it into the nation’s largest neem company before she sold it to an even larger organization. Her new business is Stream2Sea, the only company in the world that has tested its sunscreen […]

More Free Seeds!

As long-time gardeners, we’re delighted to see people moving outside to grow plants as we move through this horrible pandemic. We’ve always had a pretty significant list of free seeds but we’ve expanded that during this time and are working hard to grow even more seeds to share. Read about our free seed policy here […]

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