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These may be our most gorgeous neem trees ever!  You may place an order now but we can’t ship tropical plants “to or through” freezing temperatures.

Because of their weight, only three trees are allowed per order.

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Grow your own living neem tree! We sell healthy neem trees with strong root systems ready to thrive! Shipping size is 20-24 inches tall with a 10-inch deep rootball. Our trees are Azadirachta indica, bitter neem NOT Curry Leaf please be advised. 

Please be sure to read our Plant Replacement Policy before purchasing live plants.

GROWING TIPS: Soil should always be a premium potting mix — not topsoil — without any “water managing” properties. Fertilizer should be balanced with the three numbers in big print somewhat equal. For instance, chemical fertilizers are usually available in a 20-20-20 formula. You may need to mix and match with organics, balancing fish emulsion with bone meal and kelp.

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For more information, read the “growing neem” directions in our article section.

Free Shipping is NOT available for Living Plants. Any Living Plants added to an order will disable Free Shipping.

Cold weather north of us makes it impossible to ship tropical trees and plants “to or through” places with freezing temperatures for the upcoming week. That means if you want a tree in sunny San Diego but it’s just 16 degrees in Memphis, the truck carrying your tree is almost sure to spend the night in a frozen cold place and it will arrive dead. If you’re in northern California, we check temperatures in Chicago for the same reason. In the northeast, we’ll check your destination before we decide to ship. Fresh leaves, for some reason, handle freezing beautifully so we can ship them year-round, but neem chew sticks turn mushy if they freeze so we follow our plant-shipping policy with them.

OVERSEAS CUSTOMERS: Please contact us before placing an order. We can ship to Canada and the E.U. but customers must purchase a $60.00 phytosanitary inspection before trees or living plants can be shipped. The E.U. requires that all plants are treated for pests in front of an inspector so they should not be consumed within the first week. We also are compiling a list of neem growers from around the world, so please contact us if you grow neem and would like to be a partner with Neem Tree Farms.

53 reviews for Neem Tree

  1. Niren

    Very healthy nice sized plants with a good root system.


    Neem tree appears healthy. However, I was disappointed with the size. The picture shown with the $27.99 tree is much larger. And there was no price for the larger tree in what appears as a three galleon container.

  3. Reema

    Very healthy roots and plant arrived in perfect condition.

  4. George

    Neem plant came via USPS good and healthy

    This is my 4th Plant. In California we do not have planting mix which can drain easily. Most of the planting mix we get is water saver. This time I have planted with 50% planting mix and 50% sand. In India it grows any where without care without mulch

  5. Marwyn

    I purchased one of your trees several years ago. Unfortunately it was damaged during shipping, and needed a little bit of extra TLC to save it and keep it growing healthily. Here in Houston, Texas, it survived quite well and flourished with long, strong, full branches. It easily reached about 12 feet in height before it dried up from the random hard freeze one night in early 2014. I still have the leaves we saved from it and they are still just as effective as when they were fresh.

    I’ll be ordering another tree sometime this year. Probably sooner than later, I just need to figure out where to plant it though, as we have all sorts of greenery in our backyard already. Maybe I’ll just keep it in a large pot this time to make it mobile and a bit easier to protect from winter temperatures.

    • Vicki

      Hi Marwyn,

      If you decide to try another tree, check out the growing directions for Central Florida (which I’m going to change to Zone 9). We’ve gotten a lot better over the years at getting trees to rebound — all of ours came back after five nights below 28 degrees in 2010. Mulch is the key, you end up with composting (think hot!) microclimates and if you can save the roots, then the tree will come back.

  6. Mohammad

    Arrived in perfect condition. It was packed very safely.


    Arrived in perfect condition. It was packed very safely

  8. Nikki

    Tree arrived as described, in wonderful condition. Can’t wait to see some growth! Thank you!

  9. Sean

    Very good trees

  10. Sue

    Love the tree came on time nice package beautiful healthy tree and got a free product have been telling everyone about neem tree farm I will be shopping for more beautiful neem products Iove it very professional people thank you-you can get information every month on neem lot of education

  11. jim

    Received my tree about six days ago. The package looked like it was roughly handled. The contents however did not seem to be damaged & the leaves were ok and the root ball plastic pack was intact. I was unable to plant it right away. I had to wait 3 days. But I kept it indoors for those days.
    By then some of the leaves fell off and the others looked stressed. I potted it on the 4th day and spritzed the leaves with
    water. That seemed to help. It’s been in the pot 3 days now and the few leaves that are left look like they are not going to
    hold on much longer. I’m still spritzing and praying the little tree will forgive me and put out some new leaves in a show of
    forgiveness. Our temperer here in the Palm Springs area fortunately has only been between 97 and 105. Plus some welcomed humidity ( 30 to 40 percent) I have the pot in a area of broken sunlight.
    I know I have not handled this transition in the best possible way. My hope springs eternal and it would be nice if the
    lovely little tree felt the same way. Next week the weather report says 117 degrees expected. I plan to bring it inside
    when that happens.
    My above rating only pertains to the rough way the shipping company damaged the package. The tree as I said above
    was in good shape when it arrived. So thanks to Neem Team for that.
    Jim Riggs

    • Vicki

      Let us know how it does Jim! If you email us photos of the box, we can probably file an insurance claim with USPS. They’ve been really rough with some trees this summer :( Don’t let the roots get too wet, but you can spray the leaves with water and that will help a lot!

  12. Thiaga

    I recd the tree about 10 days ago. The top few leaves were wilted. I planted it right away. I am hoping it will survive. It looks a little sad and the leaves are drying out and falling off

    • Vicki

      Hi Thiaga,

      Be sure not to overwater it even when the leaves are wilted. Water to neem trees is to bacon like people — a little bit is good but too much clogs our arteries. If the leaves stay wilted, try spritzing them with water or diluted fish emulsion (assuming it’s outside not in your house!) a couple of times a day.

  13. Prakash

    Received the tree and leaves were wilted. Planted it outside in good weather, and still not surviving or coming back. I’m going to order another one soon and try to keep it indoor in a little bit more controlled weather as it does get down to 60 farenheit at night in california. Hoping the next one does better. I think my first one isn’t going to come back.

    • Vicki

      Hi Prakash,
      I’m so sorry your tree arrived damaged. We’ll send six trees for the price of four on your next order to help make up for the problem with the first tree. Neem is great in southern California but does need an acclimation period to go from the jungle in Florida to your desert. Please review for more information and feel free to call my cell at 813-689-2616 with additional questions.


  14. Lisa

    My poor little tree had a very rough start. The package was bent in half from the post office. They told me to refuse it, but it looked like it wasn’t damaged too bad so I kept it. Then I promptly almost killed it. I mistakenly planted it in moisture retaining soil. Exactly what the directions said NOT to do. I didn’t have any other soil. It quickly wilted and all the leaves fell off. I then removed all the soil and planted it in cheap top soil & mixed with sand. It is feeling much better now and the top of the plant has a little sprout! I brought it in the house as we get way too much rain here in Western Wisconsin. I let it get thirsty in between waterings. Hopefully it will be ok now. I have it in a southern window.

    • Vicki

      Thank you for all your love and attention to the damaged plant! USPS is mostly careful with their mailing tubes but some carriers literally fold them in half to fit in a mailbox. We do have insurance on them though so let us know if you need a replacement plant (and saved a photo of the box so we can file a claim).

  15. Deborah

    I LOVE Neem Tree Farms!!! I received my beautiful tree per description. I was very impressed by the packaging. Everything was securely taped in place to protect during shipping. My tree is doing amazingly well and vibrant!!! Thanks for the bonus surprises included with my tree! I have already ordered additional seedlings, awaiting their soon arrival!

  16. Kavida

    Not a very big plant, but it’s been growing fast & well. Followed instructions that it came with, and keeping it away from prolonged direct sun (Florida summer!) helped.

  17. Prakash

    Updated review – got a call and based on directions, moved the tree indoors and let the soil completely dry out. Made a difference and the plant is coming back slowly. Updating to 5 stars.

  18. Swetha

    Plant arrived perfectly in good condition. I followed the instruction and the plant is coming along. It did loose a lot of leaves but its slowly getting adjusted to the hot and dry climate of California. I just hope it will grow into a healthy tree when I finally transfer it from pot to my backyard. Although I am worried about the winter when its put into the ground.

    Any suggestions for winter season will be greatly appreciated.

    Note: I kept the plant in full sunlight and it did not workout. Keeping it under dappled sunlight works best for the plant if you choose to keep it out.

    • Vicki

      Here’s another copy of growing neem in California and Arizona — you have to take special care of them when they leave the jungles of Florida where it rains every other day and move to your desert. They actually prefer “wet” heat because they don’t lose as much water through transpiration. Once it starts showing new growth, you can plant it in the ground and in the sun. It will love winters in Sacramento but it may need a little water until it’s well established.

  19. Elizabeth

    Love my Neem. It arrived safe and I followed the instructions that came along with it, and I am seeing new growth at the top. I am thrilled.

  20. Deborah

    My seedling trees have almost doubled in size and are beautiful and healthy!!! Thank you!!!

  21. Srinivasa

    Neem plant arrived in excellent condition. Its been a month and has seen significant growth. Hoping it will survive thru the winter. Thanks!

  22. elchonon

    These are great little trees, hopefully they are going to grow into large trees. At first I was a little concerned when I saw the box that the trees came in, they seemed a bit small. But when I opened it up, I was pleasantly happy to see how the tree where packaged. The tree looked healthy, with the bottom portion wrapped in a bag that was filled with soil. My planting mixture contained 2-parts compost, 1-part desert sand/ play sand, and 1-part pea-pebbles. It’s been less then a month, but so far the trees seem happy.

  23. Gopi

    This is our second time order. We love having a Neem tree in our yard in Houston. Both times, shipping was good and plants arrived in good shape. Our previous order didnt last very long as we had some really big rains that literally saturated the soil. So this time we have raised the spot around 8″ higher and planted it there. Hope it works this time. I also went ahead and planted two next to each other with the hope that atleast 1 will survive. I have done that in the past and was successful.

  24. AJAY

    This is my first order from Shipped on Monday and arrived in San Francisco Bay Area on Wednesday. That was fast and plant arrived in good condition. I am acclimating it as per the instructions. It has been 3 weeks and its holding well . I am still undecided if I will put in ground this year or next ( as nights have started becoming chilly ) . I will update once I plant in the ground.

    • Vicki

      Hi Ajay,

      I recommend waiting until Spring to put it in the ground. They’ll handle freezing temperatures much better if they’ve had a chance to grow a good root system before it gets cold. Put it in a three- or five-gallon pot for the winter — you can leave it outside unless temperatures threaten to drop below freezing, so you’ll get the best of both worlds!

  25. Laura

    Very satisfied with my purchase! The tree came healthy and big!

  26. Theodore

    I received the shipment of two neem trees and three seedlings, and want to provide positive feedback on the plants and packaging. (I also left a voicemail for the shipping supervisor/manager.) I have received MANY mail order plants. These were in the best shape of any I have ever received… AND this packaging far surpassed any prior shipment that I have received from other companies. Not a leaf was damaged, not a spec of dirt found a way out of the bag and if I didn’t know better, I would have bet money that these trees didn’t come through the mail. Most of the time, the folks in “the trenches” don’t get recognized unless things go bad, so I hope that you pass this along to the appropriate people and express my appreciation for an EXCEPTIONAL, PROFESSIONAL JOB on the plant condition and packaging! I’ll be back! Thank you.

  27. JIM

    received @ ETA. PACKAGE SHOWED ROUGH HANDELING (took pics prior to opening). Tree in perfect condition. potted as recommended. acclimating/ tree thriving.

    • Vicki

      That’s great to hear Jim! Sometimes those boxes do get rough handling but we try to package the tree so it survives almost anything. It was very wise of you to take photos before opening it though!


  28. harsha.veerabhadraiah

    Worked around to pick up the plant locally as I was around 30 miles from the place. Keri and Vicki worked it out and was a smooth purchase. Plant is healthy and Keri provided directions on where and how to plant and take care of it in the local conditions.

  29. pedavis5360

    I really do like my neem tree. It gets 5+ stars. Thank you very much.

  30. myat

    Only two stars, because seller did not inform as soon as they ship out and usde only usps shipping, usps is lowest rating on earth and that approve me, because when I go pick up local postoffice with the slip, they can’t find my package and I have to go back again. Don’t get me wrong plant are healthy but too much worry with shipping and lack of informations.

    • Vicki

      The system is set up so you are automatically notified, please check your spam folder. I’m sorry you hate the post office, they’re much faster and less expensive than the alternatives for the shape of the box you received. And I’m doubly sorry that you had to make two trips to the post office, that would have ticked me off too.

  31. Derek Cousineau

    I am so happy I bought this tree. I needed it shipped quickly & Vicki responded very quickly & made sure the package arrived before I needed it (I ordered on a Tuesday & received it the following Wednesday ~ 4 days before I needed it ). Customer service, fanastic. Only issue was that when it came, the leaves were nice & happy but within a week all the leaves turned yellow & died off. Perhaps it was shocked by cold during the transport. Either way, I still have it in a pot with watch flowers & hope that it will regrow leaves soon. Any reccomendations Or advice on what may have happed & what to do?

    Derek C

    • Vicki

      If it had been damaged in shipping, it would have shown up as soon as you opened the box. Usually the wilted leaves mean too wet, but the watchflower should be helping. Leave it in a spot where it gets morning sun and afternoon shade, and stay in touch please!

  32. unpiolin1065

    Beautiful tree, I love it, my only concern is that the leaves are dropping. When I got it it was so healthy, I keep it next to a sliding door with the morning sun, I wonder if it was delivered too soon. I hope it gets better when the weather gets warmer. What can I do to stop from dropping the leaves?

    • Vicki

      Is it doing better now? I usually check comments daily but we’ve had company and got a new dog, so I’ve had less time. (The joy of working for yourself is that you get to chose which 70 hours a week you’d like to work!)


  33. shwet146

    Beautiful and healthy tree with well developed roots. Packaging was good too. Tree came in decent condition. After planting, I have gradually moved it to a partially sunny location. So far, it is doing good.

  34. nighat088

    My trees arrived in good condition the packing was great it was not damaged. The leaves of one of the tree were wilted I watered it I left it inside because it was raining . I received it on Friday and planted it on Sunday . Used very good soil a little bit sandy planted it in ground. One of the tree is doing ok no new leaves yet. The other tree is not doing so well either. I tried everything even used the same fertilizer recommended by Neem Tree Farms. I don’t think it is going to survive.

  35. rhythmram

    I ordered 2 neem tree, one is growing healthy as i can see new leaves. But my second tree failed and its turned brown slowly and now its completely dead. Any help.

  36. suparna13

    Arrived in great shape and is already in the ground. Seems to like the Northern California sunshine and is happy. Special shout out to Vicki and the team. Lovely people – easy to work with and truly care about their plants. Thank you!

  37. lyddiemae

    Our trees came much sooner than I dared to hope, and in mint condition. We were then able to use the very helpful resources provided by Neem Tree Farms Website, to ensure that we were planting in the right spot, and that our care of the saplings would give them every advantage. Will do business with Neem Tree Farms again!

  38. praveen.thrivikraman

    I have ordered one tree in April 2018 and still waiting. I guess it is because of the seeds that I have ordered, which is actually back-ordered. Availability of seeds are showing as late July only.

    I live in Jacksonville, FL. We get a lot of rain. I guess that is OK for Neem tree. I see many advises not to over water. I am planning to plant it in the front yard and I guess it will do OK in our mild winter seasons.

  39. nurse10438

    Hello I purchased a Neem tree on June 10th it arrived in great condition it is now the 5th of July ,and it didn’t loose any of it’s leaves and is growing new growth it is still happy and healthy . I must admit that I was surprised how good this tree looked when it arrived ,as I have ordered from other companies and received the wrong tree and the condition was awful, I’m very pleased with my tree .Thankyou NEEM FARMS

  40. RS

    After what seemed liked months of research, I ordered a tree from Neem Tree Farms. It arrived recently in great condition and so healthy! A few stems were bent, but the tree seemed happy otherwise. I planted it in a pot indoors to get through the winter here in Northern CA to give it a better shot – it rains all winter and our soil is almost clay! I followed instructions on well drained soil etc and spritz it daily with water, but I am seeing some yellowing and wilting of leaves. I do hope that the tree responds and stops yellowing! I would give Neem Tree Farms 5 stars except that I got a very brusk- “look up instructions on our website” response when I called to see if there was anything else I could be doing to take care of my tree. I was calling after I read everything on their (and a few other) websites about Neem tree care.

    • Vicki

      Hi, this is Vicki, the owner and chief dirt-farmer. My cell is 813-689-2616 and I’ll try to answer any questions. It would be great if you could text me a photo too, so I can see what’s going on. Yellow leaves are usually caused by overwatering but it sounds like you’re treating it perfectly.

  41. ku

    Healthy looking plant, received in good condition.

  42. meenaelango

    This is Meenakshi Ramamoorthi. I live in Sacramento, California, I purchased a Neem Tree and betel leaves plant in September 2018. Both of them arrived at great condition and they were doing good and looking healthy.During winter, I brought it inside the garage and placed it near the window for day light and they were doing good. I brought them out after the frost was over during late March. However, due to excessive rain during the spring this year, the leaves slowly started turning yellow and started wilting. I was hoping both will revive after the full sun is up. But I had no luck. I even texted you and uploaded the picture of the Neem plant.

  43. tall5418

    Plant is much smaller than what I expected for that price. Came in good condition. Have them about 2 weeks now. Followed everything what the web site said. Waiting to see how it is going to grow. Hopefully I wont be disappointed

  44. Stephanie

    I’m in Minnesota, and my Neem tree will be a house plant all its life. The tree arrived in great shape— no damage in shipping. I followed the detailed instructions which were included with my tree, and it couldn’t be any happier in its sunny corner. I highly recommend this excellent company with their great customer service and healthy plants. Thank you so very much!

  45. wyksms

    I’m in California. We have beautiful sunlight and low humidity. At first, I was worried about the shipping may damage the Neem tree. Surprisingly, it arrived in perfect condition. Neem tree farm not just provided instructions on how to growing the Neem tree, they also provided good advise on how to help the tree adopt dry climate here in California. The tree is growing very happy now. Thanks to Neem tree farm!

  46. londonismyname

    I live in California and have ordered plants from other companies located so far away before. I was very pleasantly surprised by how well this tree arrived. Usually the larger the plant the worse it looks especially when using USPS, however this one came in amazing shape. Healthy and undamaged. I transplanted to a pot and it is doing well. Thank you.

  47. Kumar Swaminathan

    Repeat buyer’s opinion: Not only they sell hard to find plants, but the care and dedication they show is great. I bought so far 3 neem trees, one betel leaf plant and plan to get more. They arrived healthy, with good instructions, and great followup. I had some concerns after I replanted my neem tree, reached Vicki via email. She called me back and addressed the issue promptly. It is good to do business with people who love whet they do.

  48. Stephanie

    Update: I’ve had my Neem Tree for a year now, it’s an indoor plant, and its vigor continues to amaze me. It lives in a southwest facing window and basks under a grow light for 12 hours a day (I’m in Minnesota–our winters are dark). It was quite leggy, so following the advice from this website’s blog, with great trepidation, I pruned off the top of the tree leaving no leaves left. I fretted for two weeks that I had murdered it; to my delight, new leaves are sprouting everywhere. I highly recommend this tree and this website. If you decide to buy the tree, do follow all this site’s expert how-to advice on growing it.

  49. pannuh2

    Few years back I ordered two neem plants. They were good and grew very good to healthy trees but in 2014 weather got too cold and I lost them. Now I decided to buy two more plants were healthy but looked smaller in size than the picture. But I am happy with my purchase.

  50. Wesley l Pate jr

    I recently bought and received 2 berm trees . They came looking cute as a button and we hope they do good here in east tx

  51. atlantaspams

    The plant was delivered in perfect condition and I was pleased with the quality. I would have liked to have more care instructions included but otherwise I would highly recommend.

  52. daniel carriedo

    Got a neem tree sent here to San Diego at the peak of the summer heat. Tree arrived in excellent condition, however the leaves began to sag and wither only a few hours after leaving it outside. Brought it indoors near a sunny window and leaves began to lift again. A few days later, still indoors, I noticed some leaves turning yellow all over (not brown edges) and it begun to wither again. I had been watering it daily which was too much for it. I re-transplanted it into new (not wet) potting soil and removed damaged leaves. I have been misting the top of the soil a small amount daily. Today I am finally seeing new leaf sprouts!! Hope this helps. If you’re in California keep this tree indoors, at least while it’s young.

  53. hrushi.deshmukh

    Neem tree farms quickly shipped the tree. They thoughtfully shipped it on Monday to avoid getting it stuck at USPS over the weekend. However, my first tree was badly damaged by USPS. The shipping box was bent and twisted at 2-3 places even though, there was a “living tree” label on the box.
    Fortunately, Vicki immediately sent me a replacement and the second tree arrived in very good condition and on time.
    The new plant is now thriving in Southern California and overall I am very pleased with the Neem tree farms.
    I only wish if there were more shipping options other than USPS.

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