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Grow your own neem! We sell healthy 2 feet tall neem trees with strong root systems ready to thrive!

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We are continuously monitoring weather conditions and will NOT ship plants during cold winter conditions. That means that if you order plants during the winter season, there is a strong chance that your ENTIRE ORDER may be held for delivery until Spring. Therefore, you may want to order live plants SEPARATELY of neem products.

Thanks for caring about the plants!

Full-sized neem trees are temporarily out of stock.  What a wierd winter — it’s been so warm here that all our neem trees outgrew the three-foot tubes we use to ship them in so we cut everything back. Then, the lower leaves apparently fell off when they got all that extra light they weren’t expecting. It shouldn’t be long before they look good again with lots of bushy new growth though!

We still have lots of gorgeous neem seedlings in stock and some neem sprouts, although supplies are limited on the sprouts.

Remember that we can only ship to (and through) locations that are above freezing at night. We use Memphis as the flag for freezing in the southeast and southern California but check the Chicago weather before shipping to the northwestern U.S.

GROWING TIPS: Soil should always be a premium potting mix — not topsoil — without any “water managing” properties. Fertilizer should be balanced with the three numbers in big print somewhat equal. For instance, chemical fertilizers are usually available in a 20-20-20 formula. You may need to mix and match with organics, balancing fish emulsion with bone meal and kelp.

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For more information, read the “growing neem” directions in our article section.

This is not Sweet Neem, we are not allowed to sell sweet neem because it is a vector for a disease that kills citrus trees.

We ship living plants on Mondays and Tuesdays so they don’t spend the weekend in a box. If you need it more quickly, please be sure to make a note in the comment section.

Free shipping is not available on plants.

Please be sure to read our Plant Replacement Policy before purchasing live plants.

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    Very healthy nice sized plants with a good root system.

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