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Yep, we admit it. As much as we love Anti-Itch Formula, it can get a little messy, particularly if you’re dealing with wiggly children.

The Anti-Itch Salve Stick totally changes the way we use neem — especially for kids, who actually come to us and ask for the “magic stick” when they’ve been bitten.

Like our top-selling Anti-Itch Formula, the salve stick is 100% natural but we substituted some of the oils we’d been using for beeswax. It ended up looking like an old-fashioned stick of deodorant — but it’s super-easy to apply in a very thin layer, even over large expanses of skin on children who really just want to go back to playing.

We don’t have approval from the U.S. government to say that neem oil is an insect repellant, or that it has anti-inflammatory compounds, but it’s been used that way for centuries. In fact, some of the world’s oldest manuscripts describe using neem oil to treat leprosy.

The Neem Anti-Itch salve stick features lemongrass, lavender and cedarwood essential oils both for their proven medicinal properties as well as their ability to cover up the smell of straight neem oil.

The scent is so nice that we have some customers who use it for just that reason — a nice, fresh, all-natural aroma that makes you want to get outside even if you really need to spend all day behind your desk.

Of course, we still make the All-Natural Anti-Itch Formula for the people who’ve been using it for running up on 20 years. And for people with really sensitive skin, we make the “Nothing but Neem” salve-stick — no essential oils, no aloe vera, no added vitamins, just straight neem and as much beeswax as we need to keep the stick in one piece.

If you’re still wondering if something all natural can really work as well as we say it does, check out the reviews of the original Anti-Itch Formula. /

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