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Happy Earth Day – which I’m discovering shows your age. I remember the first one well, April 22, 1970, and they’re already leading up to a 50th anniversary next year. We’re celebrating this year with a BOGO on Anti-Itch Salve Sticks though the end of the month.

If you’ve never tried our Anti-Itch Formula, then be sure to ask for a sample with your next order. Even I was amazed the first time I used it (after kicking open a seldom-used gate and discovering a giant wasp nest the hard way) at how well it stopped the itch – and how quickly.

From an outdoor perspective, avoiding chemicals is probably the best gift you can give your planet. Even if you’re just planning an evening around the pool, whatever you spray on your body to chase off bugs is going to end up somewhere — and wastewater treatment plants probably won’t remove it.

Of course, we don’t have approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to sell an all-natural repellant for people (or pets), but we know from personal experience how much it helps. And if you’re like us, you don’t usually remember to put anything on until you’re already bitten.

That’s where Anti-Itch Formula really shines – that day with the wasps, I rubbed Anti-Itch on about 50 bites on my left leg, but didn’t even feel the three on my right leg. I would never have intentionally tried it, but the next morning, the 50 bites itched slightly and the three bites were burning and making my whole ankle ache.

Check out the BOGO on the sticks now, and learn more about Anti-Itch Sticks here.

And more summer-time (nearly!) specials:

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Update from the Greenhouse (and Packing Room)

We’re slowly but surely catching up on an incredible backlog of orders. We’re still stuck on California, but working our way through huge amounts of paperwork to get them out. We’re hopeful that everything will be resolved by next week.

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