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any oil and water mixture, neem needs to be emulsified before it’s used on your
plants. If not, you’ll end up with too much neem burning some leaves and not
enough neem to control pests on others.

been using neem soap as an emulsifier for the last year and been delighted with
the results. It’s easy and cheap to make.

put a bar of our all-natural neem aloe soap (5.3 ounces) in a gallon of hot water and leave overnight to
dissolve. (You’ll need to cut it up to fit it through the spout, but that makes
it dissolve faster too.)

Shake the diluted soap mixture well and mix
one cup  in a gallon of water. We
believe the soap makes the oil more effective so you can dilute it below
recommended levels. Rather than a tablespoon of neem oil  per gallon, start with a teaspoon
and track results. You may increase neem oil to an ounce per gallon but that hasn’t
been necessary here.

you prefer to follow the EPA recommendations, add a 1.3 tablespoons of neem oil
to a gallon of water with ¼ cup of neem soap to emulsify it.

Pleaseemail us with any comments on these recommendations. If you share results with us, it makes
it easier for us to talk to other people!

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