Neem for Gardeners Special — Keep the People You Love Safe

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For the gardener who has everything — the gift of safer insect control!


The Neem for Gardeners Special has consistently been one of our top-sellers over the years. Speaking strictly as gardeners, we’ll do almost anything to eliminate black spot on roses, mealybugs on hibiscus or caterpillars on cucumbers. It was a bad decision for Vicki. She ended up chemically sensitive and can’t use anything toxic without getting so sick she spends the rest of the day in bed…

The joy of using neem for gardeners is that she now puts more on her face every night to minimize wrinkles than she recommends you spray on your plants. That’s a particularly nice feeling when the wind shifts and you get a face-full of whatever stinky toxic stuff you were spraying (not that we’re implying neem for gardeners smells good though!)

  • NimBioSys is an EPA-registered pesticide labeled to treat the bugs most likely to pester our plants, including everything from aphids, beetles, stink bugs, leafhoppers, whiteflies, mealy bugs, mites, and weevils to scale and thrips. Used as a soil drench, we’ve had more cucumbers in the past few years than we have in the last 20. It’s also EPA-registered to treat nematodes — a problem in almost every warm climate — without harming earthworms. (In fact some studies show there are more of them and they’re fatter — and presumably happier!)
  • Anti-Itch Formula is another of our personal favorites — and it’s even better this year. Rather than an oil, we’re including the Anti-Itch Salve Stick with the same ingredients but blended with beeswax so it’s easier to apply a thin layer over exposed skin. The lemongrass, lavender and cedarwood essential oils make it smell really nice too. (We don’t have EPA registration to treat bugs on people or pets though. It’s an extremely expensive — minimum six-figure — process that requires more animal testing than you can imagine. It’s not likely to happen because neem grows so easily in warm climates that it would be nearly impossible to recoup that investment, assuming we would tolerate being part of the animal testing.)
  • Finally, we included a bar of neem soap. If your favorite gardener worries about her/his fingernails, suggest that they scratch the bar with their nails before going outside to play in the dirt. They’ll not only stay cleaner but you’ll get all the natural properties of neem in s spot where it can really make a difference.

Learn more about using neem oil on your plants here: or read the complete EPA Biopesticides Information Registration document available online at

A $38.97 value priced at $29.99.


3 reviews for Neem for Gardeners Special — Keep the People You Love Safe


    I love this stuff. Because my dogs sometimes get into my garden, I can not use anything harsh or toxic. Neem gave me the ability to get rid of the pest in my garden and keep my pets safe. The Neem soap eliminated the itching from bug bites and does not dry out the skin. I would recommend this product to everybody

  2. Cary Collier

    What a wonderful bundle!! The neem keeps my plants healthy. I love the soap, keeps my nails clean as I’m gardening. The anti itch keeps the bugs away.. Such nice people to buy from too. They included free non gmo seeds for my garden too!!

  3. aleenaknight1

    I bought this as a birthday gift for my sister. She loved it and returned to the site to purchase other items such as the leaves and neem tablets. I also purchased some neem seeds. I was very pleased to see 2/3s are now seedlings. I am hoping that I can bonsai the trees, as I live in NY and cannot plant them outdoors. Wish me luck. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that I succeed

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