EPA-Registered NimBioSys Neem Oil

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EPA-registered  NimBioSysTM Neem Oil Biological Insecticide is labeled to treat the most common pests in your garden, safely and effectively, including:

  • aphids,
  • beetles,
  • stink bugs,
  • leafhoppers,
  • whiteflies,
  • mealy bugs,
  • mites,
  • weevils,
  • scale and
  • thrips.

    Learn more about using neem oil on your plants here: https://neemtreefarms.com/top-three-reasons-using-neem-vegetable-garden/

The complete EPA Biopesticides Information Registration document is available online at this location.

8 ounces

8 reviews for EPA-Registered NimBioSys Neem Oil

  1. Celeste

    The NimBioSys worked great as a soil drench on my palmtrees and plants that had white fly in the spring. Our community has been overwhelmed by these pests. The soil drench worked within a week , and very few flies have returned. I did one more application this summer and all my plants are looking good again. This product worked great and the only reason I did not give it a 5 star is that the directions on how to mix it were vague and difficult to see. (small print)

  2. poodlenoodle3000

    This stuff is absolutely amazing. I bought it because we had an infestation of some sort of nasty soil dwelling insects that came in the potting soil from the store. They had destroyed our plants the previous year. I had tried using ‘nematodes’. Then that didn’t work so I got some other ‘organic’ treatment which did nothing. As a last resort, I bought some of this and sprayed it on the plant and applied it as a soil drench. After a few applications, the bugs were gone! I was so happy because that meant the plants were saved and the growing season wasn’t a washout. Thank you!!! Awesome stuff! Why is this not used more, it really works wonders!

  3. tammy.dear

    Pleasantly surprised. Something was eating my mint plants and this spray seemed to stop the infestation. So far so good. Would definitely recommend this product. Great deal. Thank you.

  4. Katrina

    so far so good, i had some orange spots on my pear tree
    once i took them off and sprayed they seem to have stayed gone.

  5. schnagglesmom

    Best bug killer ever. Worked wonderful on Florida white flies. We moved to Tennessee and found Japanese Beetles eating my fruit trees. Two applications a week apart and it was good bye beetles. I spray once a month to keep them away.
    Going to do a yard spraying in the spring to kill the larvae.
    Great stuff!

  6. Cary Collier

    The ONLY thing I’ll use on my garden! My tomatoes had the beginnings of pests, a little spray and systemic treatment and they look amazing full of tomatoes once again! NimBioSys is the best!

  7. Cassie Deardorff

    Great stuff! Took care of the bugs!

  8. Stephanie

    Neem oil works on my roses against aphids and beetles. It killed all the “dirt gnats” that plagued my houseplants, and it also killed the mildew on my peonies. I won’t be without a bottle of Neem!

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