Happy Leap Day!

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There’s lots to celebrate at Neem Tree Farms today!

The last weekend of every month we overlap specials so you get great deals on two month’s worth of BOGOs:

First is our brand-new shampoo and conditioner (or a package deal with both). We like to think we get better with every new formulation, but this is a giant step forward. We’re working with Autumn Blum, who started Organix-South and has more experience formulating neem products than anyone else in the country. She started Stream2Sea in 2015 to make ecoconscious, reef-safe personal care products. She’s taken those premier ingredients and added neem to them – plus they come in tubes made from sugarcane resin so we’ve cut way back on our use of plastic.

Spring into spring planting season with a special on NimBioSys full-spectrum neem oil and a free bar of soap. Over the years, we’ve used neem in many different ways, but mixing the neem oil with neem soap has been hands-down the most effective alternative for both pests and fungus. It’s also significantly less expensive because you can use a tablespoon of neem oil per gallon rather than an ounce, so a bottle goes three times as far.

Finally, we put the Neem Leaf & Bark Supercritical Combo back on BOGO by popular demand. We’re sorry we can’t do it with the Six-Way Capsules but we underestimated demand based on current events and we’re starting to run low. They were ordered in January so they should be here soon!

Don’t forget February Specials!

Soothe dry, itchy winter skin with Extra-Rich Neem Lotion and Anti-Itch Formulaboth on BOGO for February. 

We’re also running the best deal ever on the Rejuvenating Neem Leaf Cream that’s clinically proven to improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin. Buy one for half price, then write a review and we’ll send you a coupon for another full-sized jar. 

Affiliate Program Back Online

Our last affiliate program was hacked and we ended up paying thousands of dollars to someone in Hong Kong. This latest, greatest iteration is much more secure but it requires that we talk to you to set it up. Give Vicki a call at 813-689-2616 if you’re interested. (We’re working on a soft opening now and we’ll figure out how to scale it once we know all our ducks are lining up.)

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