Neem and Bruises

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Neem makes a dramatic difference in how skin bruises – and now we have the photos to prove it.

First, let me say that most of those scars are from dogs who loved me too much, not animals who are trying to eat me!

Tasha is a Shar-Pei/boxer mix about 18 months old and available for adoption. She still needs to learn some manners though!

The one on top came Saturday afternoon after open gardens here when a Boxer/Shar-Pei mix (adoptable – see her photo and give me a call!) jumped up to tell me how hard it had been for her to hear me outside but not be allowed to follow me around. It made a mess of the kitchen floor, but I wiped it down with a paper towel and put Nothing But Neem Salve Stick on it. It stopped the blood and it didn’t hurt enough for me to think about it again.

Two days later, we delivered a gorgeous pup to her new home in Parrish where their older dog leaped up to tell me she was glad to meet me. I got a little ding that was promptly treated with peroxide and dozens of paper towels, but we weren’t in my car so I didn’t have any neem with me. If you look really carefully in all those big black bruises, you can see the little spot where she actually broke skin – but mainly you see blotches so ugly that someone in the grocery store asked if I’d had to go to the hospital for that wound.

Big black bruises are perfectly normal as we age. Our skin gets thinner and loses the protective layer of fat – plus our blood vessels get more fragile – so even a little ding looks like we’ve survived a major battle.

Over the years, I’ve carefully followed the research to see why neem makes such a difference in bruising. My arms may be more dramatic than most, but we hear stories like this on a regular basis, particularly from older people who continue to remain active. If you get neem on a ding pretty quickly, you don’t seem to get big black bruises – and if you do, they go away more quickly. (It works on younger people too, but I don’t have those photos.)

There hasn’t been any clinical research on neem and bruises – or at least it hasn’t been posted online. Some sites suggest it may have something to do with inflammation * and others suggest that using neem internally may make your blood healthier.*

And at this point, I don’t really care WHY neem works on bruises, that it does! (And be sure to ask for a sample size of the Anti-Itch Formula you can keep in the bottom of your purse or pocket with your next order. The faster you use it, the better it works.)

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* Neem Tree Farms does not sell products which are intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or control any disease.



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