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There is no doubt that Autumn Blum is the world’s best formulator of neem products. She started TheraNeem from her home and built it into the nation’s largest neem company before she sold it to an even larger organization. Her new business is Stream2Sea, the only company in the world that has tested its sunscreen products and proven them to be safe, even for vulnerable coral larva.

And now we’re delighted to report that she’s back formulating neem products that continue her focus on reef-safe — which makes them extra safe for humans too.

Her latest innovation is a brand-new neem lotion that everyone who has tried it loves! It’s rich enough for even the driest skin but it also soaks in super quickly and leaves our skin far more supple than any other product we’ve used. It’s BOGO through Nov. 4 but only if you follow the link above.
We’ve been carrying her neem shampoo and conditioner and getting great reviews on them. We really want you to try both of them, so the package of two products is priced at the cost of one if you follow the link above.

The BOGO on neem bark toothpowder ends on Oct. 4, so grab yours now. If you wonder why anyone would ever put brown powder that doesn’t fizz in their mouths, check out the reviews at https://neemtreefarms.com/shop/neem-bark-toothpower-cinnamon-cloves/#reviews.

News from the greenhouse

We keep saying it – but what a year! We had planned to open the greenhouse for the first time in months, but it still snuck up on us. Plant sales nearly doubled over the summer, so we’ve been totally focused on growing what we needed to get out the door immediately. We don’t have anything fun or free available except seeds. We promise to do better for November.

We’re back in stock on everything but ashwagandha, and tulsi is BOGO because we somehow got a strain of Kapoor mixed with the Krishna. The Kapoor need to leave before they have a chance to reproduce! We also have three new plants in the greenhouse, a gorgeous deep-yellow turmeric, Indian Borage and giant milkweed, also known as Yekka, Yerukku, Jilledi, Aak and Madar in India.

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Neem extracts effectively bind with the bumpy surface of the coronavirus, minimizing the potential for infection.