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February seems to be the month when whatever grunge is galloping around takes its last big swing at the people we love. If you haven’t already stocked up on neem to boost your immune system, now is the time!

We have a new batch of the Six-Way Neem Capsules coming by the end of next month, so we’ll put them on special early — buy two bottles, get a third bottle free. Over the last three years, these have become our top-selling product (even though they’re also the most expensive thing we sell) because they’re so effective. Another benefit that we haven’t seen the clinical research to back, but it definitely works around here: they’re also great to minimize the aches and pains that cold weather causes.

For people like my sister who hate pills, try the Supercritical Leaf and Bark Extract. Just three drops in a cup of coffee or hot water is the recommended dose for humans. It’s on BOGO this month so stock up and save.

Finally, the science on how a healthy mouth impacts overall health continues to astound us when looking at diseases like diabetes, heart disease and strokes, and maybe even Covid-19. Made with all-natural ingredients, neem bark toothpowder has been proven over time to be effective at maintaining healthy teeth and gums while strengthening immune functions in your mouth. And it’s BOGO for February.

If you haven’t ordered our January specials, they’ll expire on Feb. 2:

All-natural facial serum
Neem oil conditioner. 
Nothing but Neem stick 

One last special from our friends at Stream2Sea: BOGO hand sanitizers made from sugarcane stems and citrus peels with essential oils of camphor and eucalyptus, not a bunch of ingredients you don’t want on your skin. This actually smelly yummy and it’s good for your skin!

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