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This rejuvenating neem leaf cream was actually created by a team of researchers in South Korea who tested it on both human skin cells (in vitro)  and bald rats. The supercritical neem leaf actually boosted levels of collagen, which is the building block of healthy skin — and organs! * (Learn more here.)

We can talk about how wonderful it is all day, but nothing says more than the reviews for the rejuvenating neem leaf cream. Click here for the page or check out these highlights:

I have a lot of sun damage and age spots. I used the Neem Leaf Cream on my face, hands and legs. After just a few weeks my age spots started to fade and my skin was smoother- I was amazed.

My face feels firmer and looks healthier.

I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday with my cardiologist. He walked into the room, took one look at me and said gosh you look great. And this was at 8:15 in the morning. And all I did was wash out my eyes and put the creme on. How’s that for a recommendation?

This cream is my favorite. In my 50’s and this neem leaf extract smooths literally overnight and evens out the tone. I use it morning and night with their neem oil cream.

After about six weeks, the age spots on my 70+ yr. old hands and face started to fade. I use it as soon as I wash my face in the morning, and again before bed at night.

Wow, just an amazing product that cleared up the age spots on my face. I had tried other expensive products and none did the job in as little as the second day I was seeing the results in my face.

I worked out in the sun for over twenty years and have sun-damaged skin. This skin cream really does improve the damaged skin on my face and arms and is causing spots to lighten and some smaller spots to disappear.

I have also worked out in the sun with no sunblock for 15 years which caused my skin to look like a dark mask (my eye area lighter because my sunglasses and hard hat) and the rest of my face really dark. No amount of makeup could cover it. I’ve learned my lesson but the damage is still there. Until I started using this cream. My skin isn’t perfect but it’s much better now.

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  • chuckhoudini

    I have a couple of questions, but only one pertains to the cream. Is the cream a stronger dose than the oil? Or just different consistency? My other question, is how is the dog and human shampoos, etc. different? Or are they?and is the bark powder used for fleas? Thanks in advance 🙃

    • Vicki

      The neem oil cream is slightly richer but not significantly. It still soaks in very quickly. This has less neem but it’s the supercritical extract of the leaf which concentrates those compounds in a very non-greasy formula. The dog and human shampoos have different scents and different pHs to match the normal pH of those skin types. I personally have very fine, but short hair. I use the dog shampoo because throwing the pH off makes it a little “rougher” which means it has more body. You don’t want to do it if your hair is long or already has plenty of body. I’m sure I break a ton of it off because it’s much harder to comb after a shower. We don’t have EPA approval to sell products labeled to treat fleas (and they treat websites like labels). I can tell you we feed our dogs neem bark and haven’t seen a dozen fleas in 20-odd years (on 10+ dogs running 2.5 acres in Florida…)

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