Neem Facial Care Special

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Our favorite neem facial care products in one specially priced package — the perfect present for the women you love!


We probably sell more neem facial care than any other product — even though most people recognize neem as an EPA-registered pesticide, not something they use to make their wrinkles look better.

This specially priced special includes our top-selling products (all full-sized, no small samples!) picked especially for the women you love.

  • 2oz-neem-oil-creamNeem Oil Cream that’s extra-rich but soaks in quickly. It’s a long-time favorite that has been reformulated to comply with the latest research — no parabens, no artificial colors or fragrances, and no phthalates.
  • Neem Facial Serum, created as an all-natural alternative to typical serums that are usually made with products nobody ever heard of before. We talked to an international group of herbalists — mainly women — and asked for their input on which botanical products they would include in an anti-aging formula. We took their suggestions, made neem oil the top ingredient and then added a small percentage of essential oils to create a relaxing scent. It’s been amazing, probably because so many women have chronic low-level allergic reactions to the antimicrobial ingredients typically found in facial care products. They don’t recognize that they’re actually causing blotches and red spots with the products that should help instead of something like neem facial care with all-natural botanicals.
  • Neem Charcoal Soap is a relatively new product, but it’s destined to become a top-seller. It combines the deep-cleansing action of a traditional soap but it also has some exfoliating properties and charcoal¬†“adsorbs” gunk like dirt, sunscreen and make-up so it washes off easily and thoroughly. It’s great for teens, but it’s also a favorite of people like us with aging skin,


If you’re wondering about how these individual products actually work, check the reviews:

The total value is $32.97 but it’s priced at just $25.97.

6 reviews for Neem Facial Care Special

  1. Dolly Doyle

    Love my Neem Facial Products… makes skin so soft

  2. Hilda

    In Colorado it is very dry so I use some of your products after a shower
    Love the feel Hildy

  3. Christine Schell

    I am so glad that I bought this facial kit or I never would have tried the rejuvenating cream. The name soap with resin is wonderful the cream is the best cream I’ve ever used you can just see the difference in your face immediately and it’s not greasy and the facial serum it just makes your face feel wonderful I really love all three things

  4. zionseth

    I couldn’t believe it even though I was looking at my face. I have tried everything on the wrinkle lines above my top lip. My dermatologist said, they were caused by drinking through a straw or by smoking. I don’t smoke but at 63 years old I thought I would have them forever. So after a few days to my surprise I noticed the lines softening. I also had sun damage lines on the left side of my face. I noticed today their gone and above my lip is barely noticeable. I’m so happy and my husband made a statement that something is different. I haven’t revealed my secret yet but I did give him a bar of oats and honey soap. I have a lot expensive products that haven’t worked and that I won’t need. Thank you Neem Tree Farms.

  5. Mariya Lama

    I love love and love NEEM TREE PRODUCTS. They all are my best products. i love the people of Neem tree farmS.They are the best. love you guys xoxoxo

  6. peg mckenna

    I had acne rosacea – toxic products prescribed by doctor did nothing! Started using the neem products and now have clear skin! Also helped diminish some fine lines. The cream helped the crepey skin on my legs. Wouldn’t be without these products!

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