Neem Facial Care Special

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Our favorite neem facial care products in one specially priced package — let us know which is your favorite!


We probably sell more neem facial care than any other product — including the EPA-registered pesticide. It always amazes us because people are so surprised the first time they try it — and then they keep buying it.

This facial care package includes our favorite products — a new neem cream proven to rejuvenate sun-damaged skin, our long-time top-selling all-natural facial serum and a big bar of our new neem charcoal soap that’s getting rave reviews.

The new neem cream is the biggest surprise in neem facial care. A group of researchers tested neem extracts on bald rats and human cells in test tubes by exposing them to high-level sunlamps. The group of rats and cells that had been treated with the topical neem extracts actually saw improvements, particularly in the levels of collagen that help skin hold moisture and stay wrinkle-free. The researchers were generous enough to share the recipe, which we’ve duplicated. We’ll provide them with feedback over time.

The facial serum was created as an all-natural alternative to typical serums that are usually made with products nobody ever heard of before. We talked to an international group of herbalists — mainly women — and asked for their input on which botanical products they would include in an anti-aging formula. We took their suggestions, made neem oil the top ingredient and then added a small percentage of essential oils to create a relaxing scent. It’s been amazing, probably because so many women have chronic low-level allergic reactions to the antimicrobial ingredients typically found in facial care products. They don’t recognize that they’re actually causing blotches and red spots with the products that should help instead of something like neem facial care with all-natural botanicals.

An old-fashioned facial cleanser is on our list for 2018 but there is some disagreement within the company. Some of us would rather have something more moisturizing, but I personally love the charcoal soap. I’m outside for at least part of every day — playing in the dirt, hubby says — and I really need the deep-cleansing action of a traditional soap.  The charcoal soap is even better because it has some exfoliating properties and it “adsorbs” gunk like dirt, sunscreen and make-up so it washes off easily and thoroughly.

I have moisturizer (actually the Nothing but Neem stick) on my face before it dries after I use the soap, but we’ve have had several customers tell us that the charcoal soap tightened their skin so much that they skipped the moisturizer. Over the day, their skin replenished itself with natural oils but the tightness never went away.

Please try them all and let us know what you think!

3 reviews for Neem Facial Care Special

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dolly Doyle

    Love my Neem Facial Products… makes skin so soft

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    In Colorado it is very dry so I use some of your products after a shower
    Love the feel Hildy

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Christine Schell

    I am so glad that I bought this facial kit or I never would have tried the rejuvenating cream. The name soap with resin is wonderful the cream is the best cream I’ve ever used you can just see the difference in your face immediately and it’s not greasy and the facial serum it just makes your face feel wonderful I really love all three things

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