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Please be sure to read our Plant Replacement Policy before purchasing live plants.

WEATHER ALERT! We are continuously monitoring weather conditions and will NOT ship plants during cold winter conditions. That means that if you order plants during the winter season, there is a strong chance that your ENTIRE ORDER may be held for delivery until Spring. Therefore, you may want to order live plants SEPARATELY of neem products.

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Neem seedlings are our best value — and you’ll be amazed at how fast they grow!

Neem seedlings are our best value! They’ve survived the difficulties of sprouting and now have been transplanted into their own pots so they’re ready to grow. Most of our neem seedlings are root-bound so they’ll appreciate being transplanted into one- or three-gallon pot as soon as you get them. They’re not quite ready to put in the ground, even in tropical climates, but you’ll be amazed at how quickly a neem seedling grows once it’s out of a small pot.

GROWING TIPS: Soil should always be a premium potting mix — not topsoil — without any “water managing” properties. Fertilizer should be balanced with the three numbers in big print somewhat equal. For instance, chemical fertilizers are usually available in a 20-20-20 formula. You may need to mix and match with organics, balancing fish emulsion with bone meal and kelp.

OVERSEAS CUSTOMERS: Please contact us before placing an order. Some customers, including those in Canada and the EU must pay for a $60.00 phytosanitary inspection before trees or living plants can be shipped. We’re trying to compile a list of growers in other countries, please email vicki at if you grow neem you would like to sell.

1 review for Neem Seedlings – 2 pack *** OUT OF STOCK ***

  1. Lynn

    The two Neem seedlings I purchased arrived in lovely condition, well-leafed, and beautiful. I really enjoy watching my indoor plants (I live on Long Island) grow and thrive. I gave one to a plant-loving friend and kept one for myself. The neem seedling’s leaves are really pretty and it’s bark is too! Best of all it’s putting forth new growth. I love it (and Neem Tree Farms).

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