Neem Skincare — A Specially Priced Package


Try our specially priced skincare package to discover which neem products you love the most!



Our neem skincare special is part of a series of value-priced packages created because we’ve discovered that most people who buy neem usually buy even more the second time around. This neem skincare special combines our Ultimate Neem Oil Lotion, all-natural Facial Serum, and a full-sized bar of our artisan neem soap — now made in the USA.  Sold separately, they would be priced at $34.97 but it’s specially priced at $24.99.

The Ultimate Neem Oil Lotion contains 10% neem oil — and none of the icky stuff you’ll find in typical lotions, like petroleum oil, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances. You’ll definitely feel the difference and your whole body will appreciate the extra protection for its largest organ — your skin.

All-natural Neem Facial Serum is formulated for very sensitive skin with the best botanical oils available — plus Vitamin C — to protect your face and neck from environmental damage and signs of aging.

Neem charcoal soap is amazing! It deep cleans your face and body without drying your skin, even aging skin like ours!  It’s all-natural “real” soap (see more here) — not the typical “soap” found in drugstores that are made with surfactants like alkylbenzenesulfonates, then enriched with synthetic emollients.

Try them all, then let us know which is your favorite!





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