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We had two years of not-so-great germination on our seeds, so we didn’t have enough neem sprouts to sell. This year, we’re delighted to have thousands of seedlings popping up in the greenhouse so we can ship these cute little guys at a great price.

Neem sprouts are perfect for people who don’t necessarily have the patience to grow neem from seeds but would rather not pay for a full-sized plant. They’re not as tough as the big guys, so they’ll still need some extra love, but we’ve done the hardest part and these are ready to grow!

They’re five to 10 inches tall (depending on when you buy them) but they’ll only be available for a month or so before they outgrow the flats they’re living in. Please read the growing directions before you order them and be ready to plant them as soon as they arrive. (We’ll send you tracking information when they leave here so you’ll know exactly when to expect them.)

And if you’d still rather have neem seeds, we’re expecting another batch from Senegal soon. Shipping is a little challenging and then they need to go through the USDA to be inspected, so we can’t give you a date, but they left Africa last week and should be here soon.

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