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We did our fair share for good luck yesterday with black-eyed peas, collard greens, cornbread and champagne. It’s back to work today (farmers don’t take weekends!) and we’ll start with good luck wishes and BOGOs on the skincare products you’re craving in cold, dry weather.

Our all-natural facial serum is a must-have for winter! The all-natural formulation means that it absorbs quickly so rich botanical moisturizers soothe and repair your skin from the inside out while protecting outer layers from cold dry air. Most people see a remarkable difference in days, particularly this time of year when skin is so stressed.

For dry, fly-away hair, nothing beats neem oil conditioner. This new formulation can be rinsed out or left in. For long hair, use a small amount on the ends for an instant shine that doesn’t weigh your hair down. It’s also a great detangler for little girls who love long hair but hate having it brushed. And even the four-legged babies at our house appreciate the conditioner this time of year when their skin starts flaking in cold weather.

And a personal favorite for this time of year is the amazing Nothing but Neem stick for achy joints close to your skin. It doesn’t seem to be effective on spots like hips where it can’t penetrate as easily, but it’s life-changing for hands and feet that start aching in cold rainy weather. (For best results, apply generously and then sleep in socks or disposable gloves.) I can tell the difference if I go a day or two without using it this time of year.

Finally, it’s not neem but it’s something our customers probably need and appreciate! BOGO Hand sanitizers made from sugarcane stems and citrus peels with essential oils of camphor and eucalyptus. It’s actually good for your skin and smells wonderful!

Neem in the News

We’re wrapping up the “translation” of an article on how neem can help symptoms of Covid that should publish next week. Until then, check out this article on how a sophisticated computer program predicts that neem should help prevent Covid.

News from the Yarden and Greenhouse

It was the coldest Christmas here in 25 years but we came through it with no significant damage. We’re waiting for a new shipment of seeds from Senegal where they’re being harvest now so they’re still fresh enough to germinate. As always, we can’t ship tropical plants “to or through” freezing locations, so we’re focused on shipping this spring.

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