Dinged but Not Damaged — News from the Greenhouse & Yarden

 In General

A piece of bacopa escaped from the work area and is happily climbing a nearby tree and fence — even with no cold protection!

A lot of the neem trees with older leaves suffered through nearly 10 days of super-high humidity and no sun, but they all came through the freezes with flying colors. The holy basil lost most of their large leaves but the branches are still healthy and new growth is popping out all along them. Bacopa and gotu kola look as good as ever and even the outside betel leaf – growing all over a fence where a piece must have escaped – came through just fine with nothing but an oak tree for protection from the cold.

We’re told temperatures reached 28 here but my min-max thermometer seems to have disappeared, so I couldn’t give you an exact reading. I know we’re warmer than some neighborhoods close-by — probably because we’ve spread so much mulch.  My neighbors have frozen bird baths but the outside dog bowls weren’t even icy.

If forecasts stay on target, we should be able to start shipping plants to the south on January 15. Next week still looks a little iffy in Memphis (where they’ll probably go through) but we’ll keep a good eye on temperatures and let you know if we feel safe. Luckily, the rest of the month looks normal for us with lows in the 50s.

Still Planning “Open Greenhouse & “Yarden”

“Open yardens” on Feb. 3 will be a textbook example of what survives an incredible drought last spring, record-setting rainfall for the summer and then three nights of below-freezing temperatures. Along with the protected plants in the greenhouse for sale, we’ll see what kind of cuttings and/or bulbs have come back. It should be warm enough to get outside this afternoon and start trimming plants I know will come back from the ground but overall we’re delighted with the “survival of the fittest.”

Don’t forget January Specials

January specials were picked particularly for this cold snap when even Floridians are living in dry heated air. I’ve taken to carrying a Nothing But Neem Salve Stick in my jacket pocket to use anytime my face starts to feel itchy from the dry heat. It’s nice and warm so I get a thin layer of protection for my very dry skin.

Nothing But Neem and Anti-Itch Salve Stick (which smells better but has essential oils that shouldn’t be used near your eyes) are both 50% off through the rest of the month.

The extra-rich neem lotion — also half off for January – is a more traditional lotion that isn’t as concentrated as the sticks. It goes on smoothly, soaks in quickly and helps protect your skin from cold outside air or dry heat. It’s lightly scented with natural citrus fragrance and made without icky stuff like sulfates, parabens, artificial colors or fragrances.

And the Neem Oil Conditioner has been amazing. I leave a layer in my damp hair when I wash it, and don’t get that dry brittle look in this cold weather. I think maybe it’s even helped my “hat hair” that usually stands straight out when I take off a scarf or hood. Try it while it’s half off, then let us know what you think!

Raffle Winner

Speaking of “let us know,” our December raffle winner is Anne who had this to report about the new rejuvenating cream* made with a formula created by research scientists who were generous enough to share it with us. This is what she had to say:

“I have a lot of sun damage and age spots. I used the Neem Leaf Cream on my face, hands and legs. After just a few weeks my age spots started to fade and my skin was smoother- I was amazed. The spots are still there but much lighter and I am hoping they will get lighter still.”

Check it out at https://neemtreefarms.com/shop/clinically-proven-neem-leaf-cream/

Have a super Saturday and stay warm wherever you are!

Vicki & the Neem Team

* Neem Tree Farms does not sell products which are intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or control any disease.

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