Fresh neem seeds are here!

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neem seedsAfter an incredibly frustrating month working around a new USDA policy on importing seeds, fresh neem seeds are finally here!

We already have a file folder full of orders for seeds that we’ll do our very best to get out today. We’ll refrigerate some seeds for orders that have plants to go with them so they’ll ship on Monday.

We’ll take orders on this batch through July 25 but then plant the rest of them so that we maintain the best possible rate of germination. (We’ve never been able to guarantee neem seeds, sometimes something happens after they leave here and even great gardeners don’t get good results.)

I’ll be driving to South Florida a couple of times this summer so we’ll have a more steady supply of seeds, but they may go on backorder to make sure they’re as fresh as possible.

Other news from the greenhouse:

  • The tulsi has never looked better! It’s still shorter than what we usually sell because it’s been flying out of here, but the root system is gorgeous and these are the dark purple plants that really stand out in your garden.
  • The neem trees are spectacular this year, some are so big and bushy we have a hard time fitting them in their boxes.
  • Betel leaf plants also are also looking great this year, and they’re actually much larger than usual because we haven’t been selling them as quickly.
  • We’ve managed to protect the bacopa from butterflies this spring and it looks pretty good too.

And don’t forget our really great July specials:six way neem capsule

  • Half off Six-Way Neem Capsules, the strongest and most effective neem supplements in the country. (Read more)
  • Half-off-Itch Drops for Dogs, especially important this year for people who rescue pups. (Read more)
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Put our next open garden on your calendar too:

August 5 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Hopefully we’ll have neem sprouts by then and tons of plants to swap including some spectacular plumeria and aloe vera. Even the rangoon creeper is starting to throw pups for all the people who’ve taken cuttings but haven’t been able to root them.

As always, thank you for reading our newsletter. I’m off to the greenhouse to start planting seeds – nothing a country girl loves more than watching new plants pop out of the ground!


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