Neem Seeds are Here — and the Greenhouse Blowout Continues

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Seeds are here – and the greenhouse blow-out continues!

The fresh neem seeds arrived on Thursday, so we’ve packed and shipped the orders we’ve already received. We’re geared up to get as many as you want out on Monday and Tuesday.

Fresh neem seeds are critical – they’re only viable for about 30 days after they’re harvested, so they need to get in the ground immediately. The website says they’re still on backorder because I couldn’t figure out how to change it, but they really are here, we promise!

We got several thousand more seeds than expected this year, so we’re continuing to clean out last year’s seedlings. They’re nearly a foot tall now and covered in happy new growth – buy two, get one free until we start to dent our supply, which will take at least another month.

Everything else in the greenhouse looks great except the ashwagandha. We think maybe it dried out during one of our droughts this spring, it’s coming back but slowly. The betel, gotu kola and brahmi are gorgeous, the tulsi is still tiny but super healthy.

And we still have plenty of most free seeds, including my personal favorite candlestick senna and the much-loved milkweed. Daikon radish – aka mooli – is a great late summer crop in most parts of the country because it tolerates a light freeze. (In Florida, we’ll start seriously growing it in October or November.)

A new shipment of soap should arrive from Mexico next week, so we’ll continue our soap special to try and persuade you to try our new varieties! Buy two and we’ll send an extra one for free – and let us know if you have a favorite!

Have a fabulous weekend, we’re sending good vibes to our friends in New Orleans and hoping things go well there with the first named tropical storm of the season.


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