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All-Natural Neem

Although relatively unknown in the US, neem is a cornerstone of the ancient Ayurvedic healthcare system and is one of the most widely used medicinal herbs in the world. Americans, however, are more likely to recognize neem as an EPA-registered pesticide that’s non-toxic and has no adverse effect on beneficial insects including bees.

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Neem Bark Powder for Pets

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Neem in the News

Neem in the News, October 2018

The initial plan with Neem in the News was to pick an article, “translate” it and post it monthly. That hasn’t worked out as well as we hoped – primarily because so much of the basic research on neem has been done that now they’re focusing on topics that are far beyond our skillset to […]

Neem in the News, May 2018 *

A new scientific review of neem from one of the world’s largest publishers looks at the latest reports from research labs around the world. It’s complicated, but important to read.

Neem and Bruises

We can’t find research that shows why neem helps prevent bruising, but we have the photos to document it!

Neem in the News, June 2017

Neem’s uses — and drawbacks — as a biopesticide are reviewed in a May 2017 article published in Frontiers in Plant Science.

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October Updates

First, thank you to all the friends who called or emailed to check on our safety. We’re fine, we got three (much-needed) inches of rain but no wind and no storm surge! Our initial plan was to publish Neem in the News the second weekend of every month. We thought we could pick an article, […]

Open Gardens, October 6

We always have people requesting tours of Neem Tree Farms so we’ve set “Open Yarden” for most first Saturdays (except holiday weekends).  Along with our neem and Ayurvedic herbs, we have tons of cuttings, seeds and you-digs PLUS plant swaps so you never know what you’ll find. (And before you ask, everything listed below is […]

BOGOs are Back!

We finally figured out a work-around on coupon limits imposed by our software so we can do monthly BOGOs – Buy One Get One Free for our friends who aren’t bargain hunters – again. The only trick is that you need to use the links in this email. The pages on the main website will […]

Why Neem Lotion?

People with skin issues almost immediately understand why neem lotion is good for their skin — even though they’re often reading scientific literature that reports advantages that the Food and Drug Administration hasn’t yet approved. (See the National Institutes of Health website and try our neem lotion at BOGO for a limited time. Here are a […]