June Specials

 In General

We held off on announcing June specials because we wanted to wrap a few things up, but now we’re ready!

  • Buy two, get one free neem seedlings. These are about 12 inches tall, ready to transplant and grow another ten or 12 inches this summer. We’re clearing out the greenhouse to make sure we have plenty of room when the fresh neem seeds get here later this month, so this will probably be your only chance to get a great deal on a neem tree.
  • Buy a neem cream, try our brand-new neem toner for free. We’re really excited about this all-natural neem toner but want some input before we move into major production. We’ve gotten a lot of requests over the years for a toner so we’ve been playing with ingredients to find one that’s good for teens as well as us folks with mature skin.
  • Finally, buy two of our new soaps and get the third for free. It’s nearly impossible to get essential oils into Mexico because they’re flammable, so the artisans there have been working on new formulas using local ingredients. Try papaya for a gentle chemical exfoliant, avocado seed for a very slightly abrasive effect with extra-rich oils, and moringa to nourish your skin with bio-available vitamins.

Don’t forget to follow these links — you won’t find special pricing on the main website.

New Plants in the Greenhouse

It’s been fascinating watching what people are most interested in as they go through our greenhouse and yarden every month, so we’ve started propagating some of the most popular plants for sale.

The Rangoon creeper (Quisqualis indica) probably ranks as the first choice because it smells so wonderful. It’s a tropical plant but, like neem, is happy in a pot that spends summers outdoors and winters in a sunny window. It grows quickly – it’s more a runner than a creeper – and starts with white flowers that turn pink and then dark red.

When in bloom or fruit, the peanut butter fruit tree (Bunchosia argentea) definitely is a top pick. The bright red fruit tastes so much like real peanut butter that nurses specializing in allergies come to pick it to take to children who will never be able to taste the “real” thing. It’s always a highlight of a tour to watch someone who doesn’t really believe that these fruit taste just like peanut butter take their first taste – particularly when it’s children who are picky about what they eat!

Both are available in limited quantities, and neither of them have been approved for shipment to California, but we’re working on that paperwork now.

Coming soon, if we can protect them from caterpillars without hurting the butterflies, an incredible passionfruit vine that sets more fruit than we’ve ever seen on a single plant.

Don’t forget, we still have lots of free seeds for plants that are propagated that way. And for a limited time, ask for a cutting from our orchid cactus (Epiphyllum spp.) that came here as a pass-along many years ago. The flower looks like a night-blooming cactus but the plant doesn’t have thorns so you can bring it inside for the winter. Supplies are limited so we didn’t put them online, just make a note in the comment section.

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