September Specials

It’s been so crazy here we totally forgot to post new specials last weekend. The greenhouse is looking great with thousands of seedlings growing as fast as they can, and we’re getting [...]

Plant Porn!

Seedlings are coming up incredibly quickly and we’re going to start shipping neem sprouts on Monday! I’m not sure we’ll have enough time to pack neem sprouts that haven’t [...]

Last chance for neem seeds and July specials!

It seems like yesterday that I was worrying about frost damage and now I watching neem seeds sprout :) This year’s crop is the fastest sprouting seeds we’ve had in years. Maybe it had something [...]

Still no seeds — but lots of great specials!

Fresh neem seeds are in a FedEx box heading to Florida — but for some reason that’s totally beyond my conception they sent them economy shipping rather than overnight so they [...]

July Specials and Update on Seeds!

Happy July! Thanks to everyone who called and wondered why we hadn’t emailed anything lately. We switched servers and the front end was working fine but it wouldn’t let us change anything on the [...]

Update on Neem Seeds — Plus New Soap

Neem seeds should be here the first week of July, plus check out our new neem-papaya soap.

Growing Neem From Seeds

The most important thing about growing neem from seeds is planting fresh seeds purchased from reputable dealers. While many companies sell seeds year-round, neem is only viable for about 30 days [...]

Open Jungle Today!

We've expanded open garden -- open jungle this weekend -- to plants we can ship to other areas. Check out the list of free plants available, although we will have to charge shipping and handling.

Half-Off June Specials — Plus May Specials through 6/3

Two new products – and a top-selling favorite with a new use – are 50% off this month, plus May specials are still available through June 3.

Neem in the News, May 2018 *

A new scientific review of neem from one of the world's largest publishers looks at the latest reports from research labs around the world. It's complicated, but important to read.