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If you’ve ever thought about growing your own neem tree, this is the best time ever. Our greenhouse overfloweth and we have thousands of baby neem trees pushing their pretty little heads out of the soil.

Usually, we’d be transplanting these seedlings into bigger pots to sell as trees next year, but we don’t have enough room for them. We’ve never sold neem trees for a price this low – just $25 for three trees each at least 12 inches tall.

We also have a couple of thousand neem seeds remaining that are fresh enough to plant but not at their very best. Make a note in the comment section of any order and we’ll send a package of 10 seeds for you to try for free.

Mosquitoes have become the new state bird in much of the country with record-setting rainfall, so we’ve put the Anti-Itch Salve Stick back on BOGO. Put it on before you go outside to prevent the itches from bites, or put it on afterward to minimize them. We promise, you’ll be amazed at how well it works!

And this weekend is your last chance for July specials!

Buy a neem cream, try our brand-new neem toner for free
. We’re really excited about this all-natural neem toner but want some input before we move into major production. We’ve gotten a lot of requests over the years for a toner so we’ve been playing with ingredients to find one that’s good for teens as well as us folks with mature skin.

Update from the Yarden

We’re on for open greenhouse next weekend, even if you have to trek through a jungle or a swamp to see what we’re growing. Everything looks fabulous because plants love heat and humidity more than people – not to mention it’s been raining so much, we dance through raindrops to keep things trimmed.

Coming Soon!

We’ve been getting tons of questions about neem and its effect on liver so we’re reviewing the most recent literature now. If you have any thought about how it’s affected you or a loved one, please write Clinical research is critical but we love hearing from people who’ve used it as well!

And the Winner Is!

DIANA V., who had this to say about Anti-Itch Salve Sticks (totally coincidentally, we just scroll down the latest comments and pick the one we land on!)

“I love this stuff. Because my dogs sometimes get into my garden, I can not use anything harsh or toxic. Neem gave me the ability to get rid of the pest in my garden and keep my pets safe. The Neem soap eliminated the itching from bug bites and does not dry out the skin. I would recommend this product to everybody.”

We’ll send her a coupon for $100 worth of neem so she can try whatever she wants!

Have a super Saturday!

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  • gracejnnc

    My name is grace. I believe that I put to much water in the trees and it died. I have one tree left and it seem to be growing. I put the seeds in the pot and now they are pushing there head up out of the soil. What do I do now or how long do I wait before putting them in a pot. I would also like to order some more small trees. Please email me back to let me know what to do with the baby plants. Grace Johnson US Army

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